Global Settings

Settings Menu:

Allows you to change many settings which can apply either to all New Websites or to the website you are currently working on.

Select a setting in the left tree, and then adjust the values available in the dialog coming up.

You can change settings for:

Shopping Basket

Settings Menu / Global Settings:

  • Adjust the format in which you will receive orders
  • Set delimiter for order attachment — Defines the delimiter for the File attached to the order email
  • Attach order as file — attaches a delimited file to allow importing order into back-end systems
  • Set purchase price — customers must spend at least this minimum amount or can spend no more that maximum amount
  • Sign up as Affiliate Reseller — click on the button to sign up as an affiliated reseller for your product and receive a commission for a product sold to a customer who found us via the small Banner link on your website
  • Show Payment gateway in a new window — opens a new browser window when linking to the payment gateway.


Settings Menu / Global Settings:

  • Search on—enable or disable the Search Function
  • Mail to friend—allow emailing links to a product to a friend
  • Favorites—allow customers to store products in a favorites list
  • Add to Basket Dialog—shows a small dialog when a product is added to the basket, which customer must confirm. Otherwise the product is immediately added to the basket.
  • Don’t allow buying - Disabling the Shopping Basket. When you disable the shopping basket, all shopping functions of the website are turned off. Double click on the basket page to activate the page wizard, then select “Don’t allow purchasing in shop” and click OK.
  • Show Home link—includes an automatic link to the home page in the main index
  • Show Weight—show the product weight with each product
  • Show Catalog Number - display the catalog number with each product
  • Show Discount—display the calculated discounts with the products
  • Show Breadcrumbs - Breadcrumbs are the small links at the top of the page content which help with Website Navigation.
  • Customer must tick terms—customers must approve the terms and conditions of your website before they are allowed to purchase products.
  • Automatic customer language detection (International versions only) — Automatically switches the website to the customer language, if available.
  • Apply product discounts to Options—the same discount applied to a product will also be applied to all prices of options for the product
  • Remember Shopping basket—defines for how many days a customer’s shopping basket is remembered to allow customers to restore the basket when they return to buy again. A great function also for repeat customers.
  • Round currencies to the nearest—helps rounding prices when applying discounts by percentage, for example. If a discount price would end up being $9.97, it could be rounded to $9.95, for example.
  • Autosplit page  - divides pages automatically if the defined number of products per page is surpassed to ensure fast downloading times
  • Specify weight in—set the weight type for shipping charges. 

Recommended Products

Settings Menu / Global Settings:

This function automatically lists products which were purchased by customers who also bought the product the customer is currently looking at.

It is set in Globale Settings / Settings for your website.

It learns as customers add products to the shopping cart in your store and then displays these products on the product detail pages as recommended products.

To teach this function, you can go into your online store and add product combinations into your store. 


Settings Menu / Global Settings:

Here you can adjust how your 3D3 application works with pictures.

See Image settings.