Image Settings

Image settings are defined in the Settings menu. Select “Global Settings” and then in the tree under “Settings for this Website” choose Images.

The settings apply to all images in the current website apart from Design Images. If you adjust the settings in "New Website" the changes will be applied to any new website you create - but NOT to the current one.

The following items are available:


Link Thumbnails to larger images

If a thumbnail is automatically generated from a larger image, then it will be linked to the larger image to ensure fast downloading times, if this option is ticked.

Link to larger version of cropped image if possible

If you crop an image, the software will try to link to a larger version of the cropped image, if this option is ticked. However the cropped region must be noticeable larger, or the software will link to the complete original image rather than to a larger version of the cropped image.

Link to larger image if bigger by ...

Here you can set how much bigger an image has to be than the thumbnail size, before the larger image and a link to it are automatically added to the website. Normally this is set to 10%.

Maximum size of linked larger images

The software automatically limits the size of larger images it generates, to ensure fast download times. You can change the maximum size here. Any linked image larger than the value set here will be reduced in size.

Changing this value will only apply to new images.

Image Quality

This defines the quality in which an image will be stored by the software, after it has been resized. The higher the quality, the larger the file size of an image will be – and then slow down access to your website.

Cross Link images and Scale percentage

When you link between products and pages, the cross link images are displayed as part of the link. All cross link images have the same size – which is set here.

In some cases a page design will require smaller images than the thumbnail settings. In this case the thumbnail image will be displayed smaller on the page without actually reducing the physical image size.

You can override the recommended cross link image size for each page by adjusting the Scale percentage. If you want larger cross link images, simply increase the percentage with the sliding bar.

0 Percent means the recommended image size for the selected page theme will be used – 100% means the maximum permitted image size allowed by the page theme will be used.