Consente di creare coupon per offrire sconti tramite campagne pubblicitarie on-line o meno, coupon di ringraziamento per i clienti che hanno effettuato un ordine per spingerli a tornare, o coupon di regolo per i clienti.

Create a gift voucher, gift coupon

By selling gift vouchers to your customers, you can increase your sales. Gift vouchers can be used in your store just like real money, making it easy to buy a present for those, who cannot make up their mind.

To create a gift voucher:

  1. Click on the Central button on the main tool bar
  2. Click on Marketing.
  3. Click on Vouchers

Now your browser will open and go to the Vouchers / Coupon page in ShopFactory Cloud.

  1. Click on the Manage Vouchers button.
  2. Click on the green Add Voucher buttons.
  3. Select the option Gift voucher in the drop down menu

Gift vouchers are actually a ShopFactory cloud product type. So you will be asked to confirm that you want to switch to the ShopFactory Cloud Products section. Click OK and start setting up your voucher.

Voucher Values

You can create a gift voucher with one or more price values attached to it.

This allows customers to buy the gift voucher by selecting the price they want.  All value levels of a voucher will share the same design - just their price value and title will be different.

If you want to use different designs for the different values, simple create individual gift vouchers instead of adding multiple values to the same voucher.

Title: Enter a name for the voucher
SKU: Enter a catalog number or SKU which uniquely identifies the voucher. You will need this to add the gift voucher to your ShopFactory shop.
Price: Enter the value of the gift voucher. Customer can buy the gift voucher for this price.
Number of vouchers: Enter the number of vouchers you want to sell. This is essentially your stock level. Just enter a really high number, if you are concerned you will run out.

To add an extra value level, click on the Add value level button. 

Voucher settings

Voucher valid for: The number of month before the voucher expires after being purchased. Most countries legally require at least 12 months, some 24 months.

Barcode Format: In the future it will be possible to scan gift vouchers in store with your mobile phone, so you can also accept and manage gift vouchers in your physical store not just online.

Voucher Design

Pre-designed: The easy option. We use your product image, title and text to automatically create a customized gift voucher design for you. It will be updated when a customer purchases the voucher to reflect the value and time to expire.

Custom PDF voucher: You can create your own gift voucher design and upload it as a single page PDF document. Be sure to leave space in the center of the page for the values we must add. Use the preview button to check your design. 

Once you click on Publish, the gift voucher is added to your cloud store.

To add it to your Windows ShopFactory store, see Add a gift voucher to your Windows ShopFactory store

Add a gift voucher to your ShopFactory store

After you have created your gift voucher in ShopFactory cloud, you can add it to your Windows ShopFactory store.

You have two options to add the gift voucher to your Windows ShopFactory store.

Call to action button: Add a call to action button to your ShopFactory store on a page where you want to offer the gift vouchers. Use the Get buttons link from your gift voucher as the buy now link.  If you sell multiple values, use the link of the main voucher. When a customer clicks on the call to action button, they will buy the voucher directly from this page.

Create a Product: Create a new product in Windows ShopFactory and copy the SKU and price value from the gift voucher value you want to apply.  If you want to use multiple values, use the options function. Create a choice for each value and copy the SKU and Price. Now the product can be added to your Windows ShopFactory shopping cart.

For best results make sure your Windows Store includes the header.js script for cloud products. See ShopFactory Cloud.

Create a marketing voucher, discount voucher or discount coupon

Whether you call them discount coupon, discount voucher or marketing voucher - the task is the same: run a marketing campaign to attract customers to buy in your store with a special discount code.