Multi-image mode

In this mode Picture Selector displays a holding panel, allowing you to select multiple images (see also Adding Images as paragraphs).

The Picture Selector comes up, allowing you to browse your computer.

You can use the Windows Explorer style Folders Tree – or switch to a Time-line view of your images by clicking on the icon above the Folder window.

Click on an image you want to add – and you will immediately be able to see it in the Preview Window and in the Holding panel.

To keep an image in the panel simply click on the Hold button. Then select the next image in the same folder until you have selected all images you want to add.

Click on OK at the bottom of the dialog, and your images will be added to your website.

You can also Crop or edit images before adding them to your website.

To add multiple images to the Holding Panel, just hold down the CTRL button, while selecting the images or drag the mouse around multiple images.

Your 3D3 application will automatically create paragraphs from these images and generate thumbnails and web optimized larger images for you, including a link between the two.

You can edit them just like any other paragraph.