Enter my own Shipping Charges

This is the most powerful shipping category.

You can charge shipping costs depending on where you ship to as well as on product weight, price or quantity. You can also specify handling costs or maximum box weights or set shipping charges on a per product level and offer different shipping methods for different regions.

Please follow the instructions on the dialog screens to set up shipping charges.


Select a region:

The regions you have activated earlier are listed in the left window as part of the different shipping methods. In the left window select a shipping method and click on a region listed to select it.

All shipping charges you define will now be applied to this region and this method only. When you are ready with one region, simply select the next region and/or method.

Calculate Charges:

Select on what base charges are to be calculated. You have the following options:

By price: 
You enter different charges depending on how much the customer spends.

By percentage of price:
You charge a percentage of the order total from you customer, such as 5% extra for shipping.

By weight:
Costs depend on the weight of the total order. You must enter the weight of each product for this to work.

By number of products:  
You charge a different price depending on how many products a customer orders.

Apply rates to:

From - To Ranges:
An order that falls into this range will be charged the amount listed. For example if you create a range of 1-100 and assign a price of $10 to this range, then any order which adds up to a weight anywhere in between 1-100 will be charged the same price - i.e. $10 - regardless of the total being 5 or 95.

Each $ / KG in Ranges:
In this case the price assigned to a range is applied to each unit within the range. 
A range of 1-100 kg would contain 100 units of 1 kg each. Therefore if you assign a price of $10 to this range, the shipping charges will vary between $10 and $1000 – depending on the final weight of the order.
An order totaling 1 unit will cost $10, an order totaling 50 will cost 50 x 10 = $500 in shipping costs.

Handling Costs:

This allows you to set a handling cost which will be charged for each order. You can also use this to set a minimum shipping charge. Handling costs will be added on top of any other charges calculated.

Product charges set up on a per product level will be added to any calculated charges.

Apply per box:

This is only available if you are calculating shipping charges based on weight. If this is selected then the handling costs will be added for every box you have to ship. If you ship 5 boxes, the handling costs will be multiplied by 5.

Max weight per box:

This defines how heavy each box can be.

If the max box weight is set to 20 kg for example, then a new box will be calculated every time the weight reaches 20 kg.  Ranges above 20 kg will be ignored if this is selected. Instead the calculation will start from the 0 range for every new box.

If handling costs apply to each box, they will be added for every extra box.

Heavy items: If two items together add up to more then 20 kg, then two boxes will be calculated.