Lista de Contenidos

Esta carpeta contiene todos los párrafos que ha agregado a su página web. En esta carpeta puede ver los párrafos solo en modo de lista y editarlos con varios asistentes. Sin embargo no puede añadir párrafos directamente a esta carpeta.

: Para cambiar las columnas mostradas en ver Lista, haga clic en Ver en la parte superior del menú, luego seleccione Configuración de Ver Lista.

Search for multiple products

The easiest way to find multiple product is in List mode.

You can use the search function at the top of the list window to enter search terms which are contained as information in the product.

To find products which match only a specific set of details such as containing a specific word, enter the word in the Search field and then click on .

To combine multiple searches, for example to find products of multiple brands, click on  for the first search and then add more search results by clicking on  for all subsequent searches. This will combine the results of all searches.

You can limit the search to specific fields, such as "Brands" only, by clicking on the small black triangle and selecting only the fields required.

This will for example ensure that you do not find products which name a product in the description, but are not actually of that brand.

Bulk change products

If you want to change multiple products at the same time (bulk change them), then you can use the following bulkchanging process.

  1. Create a product template with the information you want to change
  2. Find all the products you want to change in the List of Contents
  3. Select all products by dragging your mouse with the left button clicked across them
  4. Right click on the products and select "Copy values from a product template ..."

See Product templates for more information on product templates and "Search for all multiple products" on how to select multiple products to change.