Product Options (Attributes and product bundles)
To add an option (attribute) to a product, open the product wizard, click on the more button and click on 'Options and Choices'.

Option: This window lists the available options. To activate an option, put a tick in the next to the option name. To edit an option to change its design or to set if it is a required option, click on . Four options are provided as pre-sets.

Required: A star in this column means the customer must select the option before being able to purchase the product.

Combine: This function is used for stock control. Only one option can be combined with the product number for stock control. See Stock control, Combine.

Add a new option: To add a new option, click on below the Option window. A window will open, where you must enter the name for the option. Select an option style, which defines how the option will be shown to your customers. You can also preset some values for some options. If your customer MUST select this option to purchase a product, put a tick into the appropriate box.

Choices: To add choices to an option, click on the option you want to work on. Then click on the button below the Choices window. The Choices dialog will open and you can enter the choice details.

The Catalog numbers of a product and the selected choices can automatically be combined to create a new catalog number for any possible product and choice combination. For more details on this see Combine.

Templates: Once you have created an option and added choices to it, you can save the option for use with other products. Simply click on to save an option. You can add the option and its choices to another product by selecting it in the Template window and then clicking on the 'Copy' button.

Base Price: You can add the Base Price for choices only, if the product price does not have a base price attached to it. Only choices of one option can have a base price (see Combine).

Stars in the options window signal if an option is required and if catalog numbers should be combined. If multiple catalog numbers are set to combined, they will create one long catalog number. You can change the separator used in the Properties menu under Stock control.


Add a choice


The choice Window comes up when you activate or create a new option. Each choice can have

  • a name
  • a price
  • a catalog number
  • Base Price (see Base Prices  for more details)
  • weight (for shipping charge calculation)
  • a thumbnail image, caption, a larger image (for combined choices an image can only be added to the combined choices)

Choices are displayed depending on the Options settings.

To delete an option or a choice, click on the appropriate  button.

Option Templates


You can save options and all their choices and values as templates by clicking on the  button. You can then restore them for any product using the  button.

Combine Catalog numbers / SKUs


This function allows you to combine the partial catalog number (SKU) of a product with a partial catalog number of an attribute such as color or size to generate a unique catalog number for the item. This is done with the Options and Choice Wizard.

You can then define the stock level for the combined catalog number, which represents the actual item, such as a red T-shirt or a shoe of a specific size. To create a combined SKU place a * into the 'Combine' column by clicking in the row of the option.

A simple example:

The partial shoe catalog number is PumaX .

The partial catalog numbers of the available sizes are s8, s9, s10.

In combination your unique catalog numbers will be PumaX-s8, PumaX-s9 and PumaX-s10.

You can now enter stock levels for all three shoe sizes.

See also Product Options / Attributes.

See also: Product Templates

See also 'Product templates' to find out how to copy product data and product settings from one product to many products. This allows you to apply this function to many products at the same time.