Here you set up many main properties for your website.

Contact Details


Here you can provide some information about yourself. Click next to enter address and contact details.

E-mail addresses entered here are encrypted, so they can’t be automatically scanned from your website by spammers.

The next page allows you to adjust the address format.

Customer Details


Here you set up which information your customers have to provide to you.

The left field lists the type of information the customer has to provide. The right field shows the selection available to the customers, which often is a text field they need to fill in.

To edit a field, click on it, then click on . You can adjust the style of the field and define if the information must be provided or is optional.

To add your own field, click on the  button.

Some field types allow customers to select from multiple choices. These are added in the right window. The  will only be selectable, if you can add more choices for the customer.

Website Classification


This wizard is designed to help your chances of being found on the Internet. Simply select classifications applying to you.

If you are unsure what to use, use the one most similar or select a main classification rather than a sub classification.

To view the sub classifications, click on .

Please mark your page, if it is only suitable for adults, to help protect children.

Search engine Meta tags

Here you can enter a description as well as keywords, which will be added to your Website as Meta tags. Meta tags are special tags which are read by some search-engines to help them index your website. They are not normally visible to your customers. However Google for example will display the Meta Description in its search results. 

Payment methods accepted


Here you set up the payment methods you will accept from your customers, and how you want to accept them. You can choose from free order processing, and also add a services to help protect you against fraudulent customers.

You can also charge extra for different payment methods.

You can also select from a number of payment service providers.

You must have a registered version of ShopFactory, to use this function. You must also be connected to the Internet.

Currencies Accepted


Here you can set your main shop currency and a second one, if you have international customers, to make it easier for them. This will also be shown with prices, when customers add products to the basket.

You can also set a number of currencies, to allow customers to select a currency into which they want prices converted.

Shipping charges




Password Protection


Shop wide discounts


Edit all prices in this shop


This function allows you to adjust all prices in your shop at once by a specific percentage value. You can increase or decrease prices (to decrease prices add a minus symbol before the percentage value).

Stock Control