Adding Pages

 Click with your mouse on  Index 1 , Index 2  or Extra  or on an existing page   to which you want to add a page.

Click on an Add Page button  or .

This  button adds a page below the selected page. This  adds a child page to the selected page.

When pages are added, they contain a Title, an Introduction, a Description and an Image which can easily be edited. You can change the fields which are automatically added. Click on the small triangle next to the  button and deselect the fields you do not want to be added.

Please double click on the image to change it.

If you have deleted a text field you can restore it by clicking on the  button to open the Page Properties Wizard.

To add more functions to a page or to change its design, click on the small triangle next to the  button:

Pages added to Index 1 or Index 2 can be selected on your website using the website Navigation.

Pages added to Extra are not shown in an index.

You can link to all pages in Extra using the Page Link Function  at the bottom of the editing window. Just highlight a word in a description and click on . You can also use the "Link to other pages and Paragraphs" function, if it is supported by your version of the 3D3 application.