Product Discounts


 ShopFactory supports the following product discount methods. You can select from the drop down menu in the Discount Wizard:

1.  Discount price
This price will be used instead of the normal price

2.  Discount percentage
The product will be discounted by this percentage

3.  Quantity discount by – percentage
The product price will be reduced depending on the percentage you have entered for different quantities.

4.  Quantity discount - by price
The product price will be reduced depending on the price per product you have entered for different quantities.

5.  Buy this quantity – get this quantity free
Set a quantity and how many free product you will provide – such as “2 for the price of 1”

6.  Buy this quantity and get free product(s)
Offer special free products from your product range to customers who purchase certain quantities of a product.

Once added, you can double click on this feature to launch the wizard again or click on it to select it, and then click on the button.

Discounts can apply to the product only or to the product and its options. This is defined in the Miscellaneous window of Global Setting in the Settings menu.

Product (Discount) Code

The Product (Discount) Code is used by GlobeCharge to apply Reseller discounts to different groups of product. All products with the same code will be available to a Reseller at the same discount.

Shop wide discounts

This allows you to offer discounts applying to all products in your shop – or in relation to the amount a customer are spending in your shop. Please follow the on screen instructions

Special Discount message

This will be shown to all customers for all shop wide discounts.

Purchase price discount

Set discount levels in percentage depending on how much your customer spends in the shop.

Spend more, get this product

Give away free products to your customers depending on how much they spend.

See also: Product Templates

See also 'Product templates' to find out how to copy product data and product settings from one product to many products. This allows you to apply this function to many products at the same time.