Social Networks integration

ShopFactory 9 introduces integration with Social Networks by letting customers promote your products and pages via automatically inserted link icons on your pages. Supported are currently the most popular networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google +1.

If you need more, you can use share code from sites such as 'ShareThis', although these may slow down the loading of your website.


Enable Social Media Links

  1. Open ShopFactory Central.
  2. In the Properties Panel click on 'Enable Social media links'
  3. The Add HTML Code Window will pop up. Click on the 'Add social media links' Button.
  4. Click OK and the next time you publish your shop, the links will be shown online.

You can change the position where the links are shown by selecting the Social Media Links and then clicking on the Edit Button just like for other HTML code. You can also replace this code with ShareThis code, if you prefer.