Search Engine Optimization - SEO

"ShopFactory is unbelievable! We added a product to our webshop last night and it was number 1 in Google only 8 hours later!"


ShopFactory has been designed with search engines in mind. it has over the years helped many show owners to reach top positions with their software in search engines such as Google. You can optimize pages and products for search engines. 


Meta tags, file names


Meta-tags are special phrases and headlines which search engines read and display to searchers. Some search engines use them to rank a website. With ShopFactory you can add Meta tags to pages as well as to products.

ShopFactory automatically creates meta tags based on the content you provide. ShopFactory Gold also generates suitable file names for you for even better ranking results.

To manually add Meta tags click on the 'More' button when you use the page wizard to add Meta tags for specific pages. To add them for the main website add them to the home page or via ShopFactory Central

To add Meta tags to a product or paragraph, click on the 'More' button of the product or paragraph properties wizard, then click on the button 'Enter details for Search Engines (Meta tags)'.

You can also enter a file name via these wizards for the file which gets created.

You can add a page title as well as a meta description. You can also add meta keywords, although most search engines ignore them these days.

Alt Tags

Title and Alt-Tags are the small text boxes which come up, when you put your mouse over an image. They can help improve search engine listings by repeating relevant search terms. In ShopFactory you can easily set up Alt Tags simply by double clicking on any image or when you add an image to your site.



Page titles help search engines to find important content. ShopFactory automatically makes the page title (H1) the most important title. Products and paragraphs titles and the website slogan come next in importance (H2). Make sure you most important key term for the page is listed in these titles.


ShopFactory automatically creates sitemaps for search engines as Google, Bing and Yahoo, as well as for other search engines which do not use the main standards. This makes it easy for search engines to index your site and helps you get better and more rankings.

Faster loading sites


ShopFactory Websites are among the fastest on the Internet. 

For example the Google Website, being one of the fastest on the Internet, has a speed index of 86.

ShopFactory websites typically have speed indexes of between 74 to 80. This not only helps you get more customers into your online shop, but is also a value used by Google for search engine rankings.

Google, Bing Webmaster tools

ShopFactory shops are compatible with Google Webmaster tools and Bing to make it easy for you to analyze your website to achieve better ranking results for your webshop. To register with Webmaster tools, simply copy the verification meta tag into ShopFactory Central and publish your website.

Google Analytics + other website tracking tools

ShopFactory allows you to track your online shop with analytics tools such as Google Analytics. Simply copy the tracking code into ShopFactory Central and publish your webshop.