Adding Images as paragraphs

This is a great function if you want to add lots of images quickly to your website to create an on-line photo album or catalog, for example.

Each image will automatically be added as a paragraph to your page – allowing you to quickly add text to them, if you want to.

Click on this button * to add pictures as paragraphs or as products (ShopFactory only) to the page you have currently selected – see “Selecting an image”.

When pictures are added, the program automatically adds a Title, an Introduction and a Description, depending on the paragraph style.

To change the style of the paragraphs click on the small triangle next to the  button and choose "Select a paragraph style".

You can change the fields which are automatically added. Click on the small triangle next to the   button and deselect the fields you do not want to be added.

If you have deleted a field you can restore it by clicking on the  Paragraph Properties Wizard.

To add more functions to a paragraph such as slide shows, highlights or longer descriptions click on the small triangle next to the  button:

And if an image is larger than allowed by the page style selected, a larger version of the image will also be automatically generated – and linked from the paragraph, too.

Of course all the Other Paragraph functions are also supported.