ShopFactory Central
This interface has been designed to provide you quick and easy access to many important functions in ShopFactory. You can always open it by selecting ShopFactory Central at the top of the tree in the page navigation window.

Settings for this website

Here you can enter a website name, a slogan for your site as well as a company Logo. ShopFactory will automatically resize the company logo to fit the Website theme you are currently using.

Internet address (Publish URL)


This is the address of your website on the Internet — where customers will find your site online.

Make sure to enter the correct address, as some functions of ShopFactory require this address to be correct to work properly, including Turbo publishing. If you use ShopFactory Total Care, you should already find your address in this field.


Here you select the theme or template which is used for your shop. A number of themes are supplied with ShopFactory, but you will find a much larger number of free and low cost themes online by clicking on the Online Tab of the theme selection wizard. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


ShopFactory has been designed to provide you with all the Search engine optimization (SEO) functions you need to achieve top results in Search Engines.

This panel allows you to add Meta-tags for your home page and website, to verify your website with search engines such as Google or Bing and to track your website traffic with Google Analytics. For more details have a look at Search engine optimization.


This panel gives you easy access to a number of Wizards. They can also be accessed by clicking on the Properties button of the toolbar.

Edit Website Footer


This Dialog allows you to add a Footer to all pages of your website at once.

Click on ShopFactory Central.

Click on Edit Website Footer.

Add a Footnote to the Dialog such as a Copyright reference, and it will be shown on all pages.

Edit HTML code. Add HTML code to all pages at once


This Dialog allows you to add HTML code to all pages of your website at once. You can select from 6 different locations for your HTML code.

Click on ShopFactory Central.

Click on Edit HTML code.

The "Add HTML code" dialog opens.

Click on the  button to add code in a dialog. The code will be added to all pages of your website.

You can select from  six locations on the page for the HTML code. Please make sure that your code suits the area available.