Tax Wizard

To activate the tax wizard click on Properties, then select Taxes.

The tax wizard allows you to quickly set up the taxes you have to apply to your products.

A tax consists of a Name, a tax rate and a region in which it applies. We also need to know if a tax is included in the price of a product or not.

Available: These are the taxes you can either automatically or manually assign to a product.  If no taxes are listed, click on   to create a new tax and follow the instructions.

Show prices including and excluding tax: If this box is ticked prices in the shop will be shown to customers including and excluding tax. Note that this may be not legal in some countries. This function is therefore normally off.

Tax on product applies to shipping: If this box is ticked, then the same tax that applies to a product will be used to calculate the tax on the shipping costs for this product. If you untick this box, you can create special taxes applying only to shipping charges with the  button or charge no tax on shipping and handling costs.

To edit an existing tax, click on the  button.