Shipping Wizard

Shipping is one of the most powerful features of ShopFactory. 

You can charge shipping costs depending on where you ship to as well as on product weight, price, quantity or percentage of sales price. You can also specify handling costs or maximum box weights or set shipping charges on a per product level and offer different shipping methods for different regions.

Please follow the instructions on the dialog screens to set up shipping charges.


Free Shipping

No shipping charges will be applied.

One price for all


All customers will have to pay this amount - regardless of their location. Simply enter an amount.

You can also set up a fixed price for each different region by entering your own shipping charges.

Use a provider such as UPS


Select this option, then click on Next and select a shipping Provider. Then follow the instructions of the Wizard.

You must add weight to all products so charges can be calculated based on the product weight and the provider charges.