The professional versions of 3D3 software come with two search programs for your website, depending on the capabilities of your server.

Search does not work in preview mode, as creating and updating the search files would slow down previewing.


Basic Search


This search will run on any server, however it is limited in functionality and not recommended for larger websites, as the search becomes too slow.

This is because the visitor has to download the search data to his computer, before a search can take place.

This works very well for smaller sites, but can be slow when sits get too big.

Advanced Search


Advanced Search will return results much faster and gives your users more search options. It is always the best solution, if you have a server which supports PHP.

In this case the search is performed on your server, and returns only the results required to the user.

When you publish your website we automatically test your server to see if it supports PHP.

Depending on the results Advanced Search will automatically be enabled.

You can edit Advanced Search Options via the Settings menu.

Stop-words lists


Advanced Search uses Stop-words lists, to allow you to stop searches which will simply put load on the server without resulting in usable search results. In some languages we have already included word lists based on the most common words used.

A search in English for the common word “the” will be rejected to cut load on your server. But “the rose” as a search is perfectly fine.

You can edit the stop words list with Windows XP Notepad.

You must make sure, that the stop word list file is opened in a text editor which can safe the file with the UTF8 encoding enabled, such as Windows XP Notepad.

You will find the stop word lists in your ShopFactory Folder in Common Files under phpsearch. Simply pick the file with the correct country code.