This function allows you to change the way your website looks. Click on the button to see the available options. You can change the website, page and paragraph themes used. With the Designer you can even completely Customize the looks of your website.

Select Website Theme


The website theme defines the look of your Website.

You can easily change the look of your website simply by selecting a different website theme.

To change the theme simply click on a design listed in the Category field. You can then switch to a different style of the same theme in the theme window.

The function also works in Preview Mode, giving you an immediate look at what your website will look like.

Depending on the size of your website, changing the theme may take a while, as all pages may need to be adjusted, depending on your choice.

When you change the website design, you will loose design customizations made to your current theme.

See also Customize the looks to customize the website theme.

Select Page Style


This function allows you to apply a new page theme to the currently selected page.

You can also change all child pages (sub pages).

Simply select a new theme in the upcoming wizard. To change sub pages as well, tick the appropriate box.

To change all pages in an Index, Right click  on the index. Then choose “Select a Page style.”

Save as new Website Theme


This function allows you to save a website you have customized as a new website theme.

The first page in Index 2 as well as the paragraph style used for that page will be used as the initial styles used in the saved Website Theme.

Change Paragraph Style

Check out Select style to find out how to change paragraph styles.

Change Index Style

Click on the Designer button and select the index you want to change.

Customize Design

See Customize the looks.This function allows you to completely change the look of a Website Theme.

Change mini cart style

ShopFactory 9 website themes come with an integrated mini shopping cart on every page, which lets customers know what they have in their shopping cart. You can change this in the Designer menu.