Importing an existing Website

To import a ShopFactory 7 or 8 Website, just open it in ShopFactory 9.

Your website project will be copied and converted to ShopFactory 9. While ShopFactory 7 Website themes are compatible with ShopFactory 9, we highly recommend switching to a ShopFactory 8 or 9 website theme for improved performance and additional functionality. 

To import an existing Website created
with ShopFactory 4, 5, 6 or Webshop Pro,
follow these steps:



You must have a ShopFactory 9 solution which is at least equivalent to your existing solution. You can NOT import a ShopFactory Pro shop into ShopFactory Light – however you CAN import a ShopFactory Light shop into ShopFactory Pro.



Create a new website in ShopFactory 9.



Right click with your mouse on Page 1 in the page tree window of ShopFactory and click on “Select a Page Style”.

A dialog will open and you can select a page style which will be used for the pages you import. You can later change the style, if you want.


Once you have selected a page style, you can select a paragraph style in the same way. Right click again on Page 1, but this time chose “Select a Paragraph Style”. This style will be used to display your paragraphs.


Click on “File” from the Menu bar. Then chose the option “Import older websites” and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.