ShopFactory Cloud

ShopFactory Central / ShopFactory Cloud:

ShopFactory Cloud provides a mobile responsive back-end for your store and more.

With ShopFactory Cloud you can manage orders, customers and marketing activities, set up vouchers and track resellers and affiliates.

You can also set up new Cloud products, which you can use to sell your products through any channel; not just via the internat but also in the real world.

To go to ShopFactory Cloud click on the appropriate icon on ShopFactory Central. 

Shared store settings

Your Windows store and and your Cloud stores share many settings.

All settings which apply only to the Cloud store are marked with a small orange cloud in your ShopFactory Cloud Interface.

Cloud Products

Your ShopFactory Cloud has it's own store and product types.

The store and products are independent of your Windows Store. While you can add them to your Windows store, they currently use a separate checkout process.

The added flexibility of the cloud products allows you to sell more product types as well as to sell specific products through any channel you desire.

Common Page header code

The best way to list products from your Cloud store in your Windows ShopFactory store is by adding the Common page header code from your cloud store to your windows store.

When you add this code and Cloud Buy Now button will open a pop-up Shopping cart and checkout, when the customer clicks on it.

You can find it in Shopfactory Cloud in My Sales Channels /Embed store on page.

Simply paste this code into Custom Website Content, Area 1.

Example code: <script type="text/javascript" src=""><!-- santu --></script>