Custom Page Contents Tab

With this function you can add extra information areas to the page content area of individual pages.

This could be links to special pages or products, promotions, advertising codes or extra indexes.

You have multiple areas available, to which you can add your information. Simply click on the number reflecting the area where you want the information to be added.

This will add a new editing field in that location on your page.

Locate the field and start editing your content - just like content to any other part of your website.

You can use the Edit tool-bar below the editing Window to add images, to set text styles or to insert links. 

Note: This function is not suitable to insert HTMLcode which does not have a visual representation. Use the Page Wizard "Add HTML code" function instead.

Toolbar for extra website and page areas

When you move your mouse over an extra website or page field, a small tool-bar appears to allow you to manage your extra content.

It allows you to edit the HTML code, to open the extra area wizard,  to move the fields up or down if you have multiple fields and to delete a field you no longer need.