Special Pages

* These are special pages we have already included in the application – ready for your content.

Some of these pages are linked to special wizards to allow adding additional information.

 The number of special pages you see depends on the application you are using.

You software needs to know these pages. You should therefore use these pages for the purpose they have been assigned to – although you can of course rename them.

You can select different themes for the special pages and also customize them. You can disable some special pages by removing the tick next to Visible in the Page Wizard.

The content of some special pages such as Contact may be governed by laws in your country. You should contact the relevant authorities to make sure you conform to the appropriate laws.


* The Home Page is the first page your visitor will see, when arriving at your website. It should contain some information about your website, to make sure a visitor does not leave before finding out what your site is all about.

Some Home Page themes have design images on them. To change them, see Design Images.


On this page your visitors will find background information about your business, address details and contact information.


Here you can provide contact details and information – see Contact Details.

In some countries special laws apply to the information which must be displayed here. Make sure to provide the correct information.


This page is designed to provide your customers with the terms and conditions applying to buying from you – such as delivery terms or return of goods. Some countries require this information, but providing it will always make your customers feel more secure.

 You can force your customers to approve your terms and conditions before a purchase by selecting this option in Setting, Miscellaneous. In some countries such as Germany this is a legal requirement. The option is therefore set to on by standard.

In some countries special laws apply to the information which must be displayed here. Make sure to provide the correct information.


The shopping basket page will list the products a customer wants to buy. You can add products to this page too, such as a special. When you disable the basket, the shopping function is disabled, too.


Here you should tell your visitor or customer what you are doing with information provided to you and how you are guarding their privacy.

Thank you

The Thank you Page in ShopFactory is displayed to customers after they have made a purchase. You can also add some text here, which will be added to order confirmation emails sent to your customers.

Transaction failed

This page will be displayed if a payment is not approved by an automated payment service instead of the thank you page.