External Preview and your Firewall

When you preview your website with the external preview button, the application simulates the Internet on your computer to ensure a realistic preview as experienced by your online visitors.

When previewing for the first time your Firewall may display a message asking you to block or unblock the application named SimWeb.

The firewall message may be similar to:

"To help protect your computer, Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this program."
Do you want to keep blocking this program?
Name: SimWeb
Publisher: 3D3.COM Pty. Ltd.

Select the Option "Unblock" - although with most firewalls Preview will also work if you select the blocking option, as only safe methods are used.

If your preview does not work correctly due to your firewall settings, you can also preview your Website directly in your software by clicking on the Preview Tab at the bottom of the editing window.

Note: External preview will only work, while the application is running.

If you want to view your website on your local computer without using the preview functions you have to launch it from their runtime folder (see help). You may then see some security alerts by your browser. Simply select the action which allows your website to run correctly. These security alerts do NOT appear when your website has been published.

To preview you shop in a different external browser, simply preview your website externally and copy the URL link from the address bar into the different browser. However this will only work, while you are still working on your website inside of the application, as otherwise the simulated Internet is disabled.