4. Customize your Website

Customize a website

The look of your website is completely customizable with point and click ease.

You can change the website theme or the page theme by clicking on the  Designer button on the main toolbar. 

You can change the look of a paragraph by clicking on the  small triangle next to the Paragraph Properties  button.

You can change design images included in some templates by double clicking on them in Customize Design mode. Your 3D3 application can even resize your own images to fit.

Design images are special design images included in Website or Page Themes to define their looks. You can exchange them to customize the design completely.

To customize a selected theme click on the Designer button  and then select the Customize Design option to get complete control over the look of your selected theme.

Picture Manager

Your 3D3 application has a powerful Picture Manager built in, to make your life easy. It can automatically adjust image sizes to create thumbnails, to limit the maximum size of an image and can also link a thumbnail to the larger picture.

So if you have taken a picture of an item with your camera, just store it on your computer - preferably with a descriptive name. Your 3D3 application will use the name as title - and take care of all the image management required.

And as you can import multiple images at the same time, this function offers huge time savings when you create a photo album, for example.

You can change the sizes the picture manager assigns to large images and thumbnails in the Settings menu by selecting Global Settings – Settings for this Website – Images.