2: Add Content

Add a Page

To add a page, click on  Index 1 , Index 2 , Extra   or existing pages , , in the left tree window. Then click on an Add Page button above the tree window.

Pages added with  will be added as child pages of the selected page.

The  button will insert a new page directly below the selected page (on the same level) or at the top of the selected Index.

Edit a page

To edit an existing page, simply click on it once in the left tree window. To edit text simply click on it and start writing.

You can also click on the  button to call up the Page Properties Wizard after you have selected a page. It allows you to add, edit or remove the Title, Image, Introduction and Description of the page, or to make the page invisible.

To add more page functions such as a page footer, or to change the page theme, click on the small triangle next to the Page Properties button:

If you can not see a page you have added in the tree, you may have closed a tree branch by clicking on  in the tree. Click on  to open it again.

Add a Paragraph

Adding paragraphs is a powerful feature which allows you to create content with the same design across multiple paragraphs to the selected page.

Just select a page, then click on the  button to add a paragraph. You can then edit the fields which are automatically inserted on the page by clicking on them. To edit or delete the image, just double click on it.

If you don't want all these fields to be added automatically, you can change this by clicking on the small triangle next to the Add Paragraph button:

You can add a number of extra functions to a paragraph, such as multimedia links, longer descriptions, slideshows and more. Just click on the small triangle  next to the Paragraph Properties Button  to launch the appropriate wizards.

Add a Product as paragraph

Just click on the  button to add a product paragraph and to enter the basic product information.

When you add products, you actually add a special type of paragraph – so the same wizards are available to you – plus product specific ones.

You can add a number of other functions to a product such as options and choices, tax, shipping charges, discounts and more. Just click on the small triangle next to the Product Properties Button  to launch the appropriate wizards.

Add Images as paragraphs

This is a great function if you want to add lots of images quickly.

Just click on the  button and select as many images as you want in the image file dialog which comes up.   Your 3D3 application will automatically create paragraphs from these images and generate thumbnails and web optimized larger images for you, including a link between the two.