Search engines ( SEO )

Located on ShopFactory Central.

ShopFactory has been designed to provide you with all the Search engine optimization (SEO) functions you need to achieve top results in Search Engines.

Many automated SEO functions are already built into ShopFactory to help boost your shop automatically in search results.

This panel allows you to boost your results even further by adding Meta-tags for your home page and website, verifying your website with search engines such as Google or Bing and to track your website traffic with Google Analytics and other tracking tools.

For more details have a look at Search engine optimization.


ShopFactory Central / SEO:

Here you can enter a page title and description as well as keywords, which will be added to your Website to be displayed by search engines in search results.

By making them match the content of your home page, you can also achieve better rankings in search results.

See also Search engine optimization.

Google Analytics, wesbite analytics

ShopFactory Central / SEO:

ShopFactory allows you to track your online shop with analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

Copy the tracking code into this field and republish your web store.

SEO Analysis

ShopFactory Central / SEO:

Want to know how successful your SEO efforts are and how to improve them?

Or keep track of your competitors?

Then the SEO Analysis service (ShopFactory SEO Tools) can help. 

Use this function to activate and access it.