My Store

Located on ShopFactory Central.


ShopFactory Central / My Store:

Here you can enter a website name, a slogan for your site as well as a company Logo. ShopFactory will automatically resize the company logo to fit the Website theme you are currently using.


ShopFactory Central / My Store:

Here you select the theme or template which is used for your shop. A number of themes are supplied with ShopFactory, but you will find a much larger number of free and low cost themes online by clicking on the Online Tab of the theme selection wizard. 

Internet address (Publish URL)

ShopFactory Central / My Store:

This is the address of your website on the Internet — where customers will find your site online.

Make sure to enter the correct address, as some functions of ShopFactory require this address to be correct to work properly, including Turbo publishing.

Click on the ShopFactory Cloud (Total Care) link to set up your own domain name for our free web hosting, if you have one.

Company Logo

ShopFactory Central / My Store:

Use this function to add a company logo, which will be displayed in your store.

Cookie warning

ShopFactory Central / My Store:

Countries in the European Union require that you show a cookie warning to your customers, if your website uses Cookies.

ShopFactory usually does not use cookies without informing the user and asking for their consent. 

So you usually do not require this message.

However if you add social Media Links, website tracking solutions or other third party code to your website or if you activate Affiliate tracking, Cookies are often used. If you are required to display a cookie warning in your country, you can then enable it with this function.

It will appear at the bottom of the page.

Contact Details

ShopFactory Central / My Store:

Here you can provide some information about yourself. Click next to enter address and contact details.

E-mail addresses entered here are encrypted, so they can’t be automatically scanned from your website by spammers.

The next page allows you to adjust the address format.

Customer Details

ShopFactory Central / My Store:

Here you set up which information your customers have to provide to you.

The left field lists the type of information the customer has to provide. The right field shows the selection available to the customers, which often is a text field they need to fill in.

To edit a field, click on it, then click on . You can adjust the style of the field and define if the information must be provided or is optional.

To add your own field, click on the  button.

Some field types allow customers to select from multiple choices. These are added in the right window. The  will only be selectable, if you can add more choices for the customer.

Password Protection

ShopFactory Central / My Store:

See Password Protection.

Website Classification

ShopFactory Central / My Store:

This wizard is designed to help your chances of being found on the Internet. Simply select classifications applying to you.

If you are unsure what to use, use the one most similar or select a main classification rather than a sub classification.

To view the sub classifications, click on .

Please mark your page, if it is only suitable for adults, to help protect children.

Payment methods accepted

ShopFactory Central / My Store:

Here you set up the payment methods you will accept from your customers, and how you want to accept them. You can choose from free order processing, and also add a services to help protect you against fraudulent customers.

You can also charge extra for different payment methods.

You can also select from a number of payment service providers.

You must have a registered version of ShopFactory, to use this function. You must also be connected to the Internet.

Currencies Accepted

ShopFactory Central / My Store:

Here you can set your main shop currency and a second one, if you have international customers, to make it easier for them. This will also be shown with prices, when customers add products to the basket.

You can also set a number of currencies, to allow customers to select a currency into which they want prices converted.

Shipping charges

ShopFactory Central / My Store:

See Shipping Wizard


ShopFactory Central / My Store:

See Tax Wizard.

Shop wide discounts

ShopFactory Central / My Store:

This allows you to offer discounts applying to all products in your shop – or in relation to the amount a customer are spending in your shop.

To access this function click on Properties and select Shop wide discounts.

You have a number of discount options available. You can discount all products in the store or only those which match a specific brand or product code.

You can

  • discount products by a fixed percentage
  • provide a discount on the purchase total depending on how much your customer spends
  • offer free products depending on how much your customer spends during a purchase 

You can apply a time limit, so that the discount is only applied during a specific predefined period.

And you can limit the discount to specific products, such as all products from a specific  brand, manufacturer or with the same product code, price code or distributor code.

Custom Website Contents (HTML code)

ShopFactory Central / My Store:

This Dialog allows you to add HTML code to all pages of your website at once. You can select from multiple location depending on the template you have selected.

Click on ShopFactory Central. Open My Store and select the Custom Website contents option.

Click on Add button.

The Add dialog opens.

Click on the  button to add code in a dialog. The code will be added to all pages of your website (except product pages).

You can select from  multiple locations on the page for the HTML code. The actual position depends on the template you have selected. 

Please make sure that your code suits the area available.

Edit Website Footer

This Dialog allows you to add a Footer to all pages of your website at once.

Click on ShopFactory Central.

Click on Edit Website Footer.

Add a Footnote to the Dialog such as a Copyright reference, and it will be shown on all pages.

Stock Control

Edit all prices in this shop

This function allows you to adjust all prices in your shop at once by a specific percentage value. You can increase or decrease prices (to decrease prices add a minus symbol before the percentage value).

It is accessible via the Central drop down menu in the main toolbar.