Base Prices

In some countries such as Germany you have to show a Base Price for products sold by quantity, such as weight, size, length or volume. The Base Price is the price of a product at a legally set quantity (the base).

ShopFactory can automatically calculate the Base Price for you. You can set a base price either for a product or for ONE product option and its choices.

Simply enter the quantity for your product and select the appropriate quantity unit and ShopFactory will do the rest. The Base is listed in brackets after the quantity unit.

Base Prices are based on the price for the following quantities:

1 liter, 1 kilogram, 1 meter or 1 square meter, 1 cubic meter

If quantities are usually not above 250 g or 250 ml, then the Base Price can be based on 100 g or 100 ml.

If quantities are usually above 50 kg or 100 liters, then the base price should be based on the quantity generally accepted as base quantity. 

 Example: If you sell shampoo in different quantities, then for each quantity you sell you have to show the price you charge, as well as the price for one liter of shampoo which is automatically derived from the price you charge and the quantity.

So if you charge $2.50 for 250 ml of shampoo, the base price will be $10.00 for 1 liter. If 500 ml of the shampoo cost $4.00, the base price would be $8.00.

To enable this function put a tick next to it.