Add and manage products

ShopFactory allows you to quickly add products to your website – complete with all the functionality which allows your customers to purchase them.

Each product will be added as a paragraph to your page – allowing you to use all the same functions as paragraphs – and many more.

Click on Add product button above the editing window to add a product to the page you have currently selected.

This will launch the product properties wizard.

More images

Edit Products / Paragraphs Button:

 This function allows you to add more pictures to your product.

When visitors click on the image it opens a pop-up window with the additional images.

On the product more details pages thumbnails of the different images are displayed. 

Each image can have a description and name.

Product Discounts

Edit Products Button:

 To discount a product click on the Edit product button. Then select the Discount function.

ShopFactory supports the following product discount methods. You can select from the drop down menu in the Discount Wizard:

1.  Discount price
This price will be used instead of the normal price

2.  Discount percentage
The product will be discounted by this percentage

3.  Quantity discount by – percentage
The product price will be reduced depending on the percentage you have entered for different quantities.

4.  Quantity discount - by price
The product price will be reduced depending on the price per product you have entered for different quantities.

5.  Buy this quantity – get this quantity free
Set a quantity and how many free product you will provide – such as “2 for the price of 1”

6.  Buy this quantity and get free product(s)
Offer special free products from your product range to customers who purchase certain quantities of a product.

Once added, you can double click on this feature to launch the wizard again or click on it to select it, and then click on the button.

Discounts can apply to the product only or to the product and its options. This is defined in the Miscellaneous window of Global Setting in the Settings menu.

Options and choices

Edit Products / Paragraphs Button:

 This Wizard allows you to add options such as colors and sizes or extras, such as air-conditioning for a car to a product. Simply select a product, then click on the button and follow the Wizard instructions.

Once added, you can double click on the option to launch the wizard again or click on the product and then on the button.

An option would be a color – a choice would be red or blue.

See also Working with Options.


Edit Products / Paragraphs Button:

 This is a great function if many of your products have similar features. For example if you sell cars, similar features could be make, model, color, and year and body style.

 A number of feature Templates for different occasions are already provided. Then click on the feature in the window below, click on the  edit button and enter your information.

 Of course you can also create your own feature templates or change the existing ones. Simply edit an existing list to suit your needs, and then click on the  button to save it by giving it a name. Now you can use this list for all paragraphs.

 Once added, you can double click on this feature to launch the wizard again or click on it to select it, and then click on the button.


Edit Products / Paragraphs Button:

 Click here to enter some paragraph information which you want to stand out to your customers. Text entered will be displayed in a highlighted position.

Once added, you can edit this function in WYSIWYG mode just like in a text editor.

Depending on your paragraph style this information may only be displayed in Detailed View.


Longer Description

Edit Products / Paragraphs Button:

 Add a longer description which will be shown only in Detailed View. To add other paragraph functions to a paragraph, select the paragraph, and then click on the appropriate button from the right toolbar.

See Detailed View for more details.

Once added, you can edit this function in Normal (WYSIWYG) mode just like in a text editor.

Product shipping / handling costs

Edit Products / Paragraphs Button:

 If you charge money for shipping on a per product basis, or if you have special handling costs for some products, you can add these fees on a per product basis.

To enter costs per product you first have to set the Shipping Wizard to “Enter my own shipping charges”.

When you click on  you can enter a shipping or handling charge for your local region and also for the Rest of the World.

You can also enable or disable shipping methods for this product, if for example a product can’t be shipped by one of the methods available.

Only methods you have set up in the Shipping Wizard can be selected.

Shipping charges added on a product level will be added to all other shipping charges – so you can either enter shipping charges only here, or you can use these fields to add extra handling, packaging or shipping charges.

Related products / Cross promotions

Edit Products / Paragraphs Button:

 This allows you to link to related products, to other pages in your website or to external websites.

This can help boost sales by making customers aware of other products available to them or by providing them with more information to help them with their purchasing decision.

See also Link to other pages, paragraphs and websites.


Edit Products / Paragraphs Button:

 To find out how to set up different taxes, check out the Tax Wizard.

Depending on how you have set up taxes, most taxes will automatically be added to your products. If this is not the case or this product has to be adjusted, click on the tax button. You can now easily add or remove a tax from the product. 

Use Template to add products

The "Use Template" function in the tool bar allows you to add products quickly with predefined content fields, such as options or descriptions.

To use this functions you must have created some  'Product templates' first.

When you click on the "Use Template" button, you activate it.

You will be asked which Product template you want to use.

Select the template and the fields you want to use, if none are defined.

Then click on OK.

The Template button is now active and highlighted

Click on Add Product to add a new product, and the information defined in the template will be automatically included in the new product, making creating multiple products with the same information much faster. 

See also: Product Templates

See also 'Product templates' to find out how to copy product data and product settings from one product to many products. This allows you to apply this function to many products at the same time.