Entering Stock levels

Once you have created set up Stock levels, you can click on the Properties button and choose Stock levels at any time to enter the stock levels for your products.

Alternatively you can select the product and use the More window to access stock control levels for this specific product only.

All products with a unique catalog number and all Choices with catalog numbers will be displayed, allowing you to enter your stock levels and Minimum and maximum allowed order quantities.

You can simply click on an entry field with your mouse to select the row – then click on the field you want to edit. You can then use your Tab button and the up and down arrows to navigate the table.

Alternatively you can click on a row, then click on the Edit button to launch a small editing window for the values.  


Out of Stock message per product

To override the Out of Stock message for a specific product, it must be part of stock control. In the Stock level window select the product, then click on the Edit button. A small dialog opens and allows you to enter an out of stock message which is specific to the product.

Minimum and Maximum order quantities

Allows you to define what the minimum and maximum order quantities are for a product as part of Stock control.


Combine means the catalog numbers of the Choices for the Option selected will be combined with the catalog number of the product to generate a single order catalog number, such as P1_red_17. In stock control you will then be able to add stock levels for these combined catalog numbers.

This is a great function for example when you use option templates. You can now use the same option template with the same catalog number for example for all shoes for the option Size. When the catalog numbers of the choices are combined with the catalog number of the product, you will have unique catalog numbers without the need to enter catalog numbers again and again for every shoe size available. A simple example: The shoe catalog number is Puma49 . The catalog number of the sizes are 8, 9, 10. In combination your unique catalog numbers will be Puma49-8, Puma49-9 and Puma49-10.

See also Options and choices.