Setting up Stock Control

Stock control enabled:

Tick, if you want to enable stock control.

Allow buying if out of stock

If you tick this options customers can order products, even if they are out of stock. This can be useful if your out of stock message contains a delivery time, such as “Delivered in just two weeks”.

Stock Display Type:

This option defines how the stock levels are displayed to your customers.

  • None: Customers do not see the stock levels.
  • Exact: Customers will see the exact stock level displayed with each product
  • Traffic Light: This is the recommended stock display method. It will display one of three stock level messages to the customers, depending on the stock level you have.


These messages can be set, depending on the display type you have selected. Traffic Light gives access to all three settings.

  • Out of Stock: This message is displayed if a product is out of stock. You can override the out of stock message on the product level for each different product.
  • This message is displayed if a product is low on stock, depending on the Threshold defined by you.
  • In stock:  This message is displayed if a product’s stock levels are higher than defined in the Threshold.
  • Threshhold: Defines the stock levels for the different traffic light settings.

Use this separator between different numbers

A number of separators you can use between catalog numbers, when using the Combine function to combine catalog numbers of a product and its choices.