Stock control

ShopFactory comes with manual or automatic stock control built in. This allows any product with a catalog number or any product option to be stock controlled.

You can also combine the catalog numbers of a product with the choices of one option, for even more flexibility — see Combine Catalog numbers. This allows you to enter stock levels for different sizes for a specific pair of shoes for example.

Or is you are allowing your customer to select different components for a computer as options for example, such as hard disk size and amount of memory, you can set stock levels for each of the components, too.

In manual stock control, you have to update the stock levels manually, when you have sold a product.

If you have a php enabled server, you can also make use of the automatic stock control item. In this case whenever an order is placed, your stock levels on-line will be reduced appropriately. You will need a GlobeCharge account for this functionality.

To set up the stock control function, click on Properties and select Stock levels.

The Stock control Settings Wizard opens, allowing you to enable and set up stock control.