Add paragraphs

With the new content editor in ShopFactory 12, adding new Paragraphs is just a matter of dragging content blocks onto your page.

Click on a page in the Page Tree window:   

Click on the Edit Page button.

Drag a block onto the drop selection areas.

Add Paragraph button

You can also add special paragraphs onto pages, in the same way as products.

They are listed within the product list on your page.

You can use them to create for example a photo album, catalog or to lonk to informative web pages with photos.

Select a page   in the index tree to which you want to add a paragraph.

Click on the Add Paragraph button.

This will add a paragraph to the page.

If you have deleted a text field or if you want to add more functions to the paragraph, you can click on the Edit product button above the page.

Not all information is always displayed on the page to which a paragraph has been added. If a paragraph style does not support some information, a page with more details is automatically generated and a link to this page is added to the paragraph.

Related products / Cross promotions

Edit Products / Paragraphs Button:

 This allows you to link to related products, to other pages in your website or to external websites.

This can help boost sales by making customers aware of other products available to them or by providing them with more information to help them with their purchasing decision.

See also Link to other pages, paragraphs and websites.


Edit Products / Paragraphs Button:

 Click here to enter some paragraph information which you want to stand out to your customers. Text entered will be displayed in a highlighted position.

Once added, you can edit this function in WYSIWYG mode just like in a text editor.

Depending on your paragraph style this information may only be displayed in Detailed View.


Longer Description

Edit Products / Paragraphs Button:

 Add a longer description which will be shown only in Detailed View. To add other paragraph functions to a paragraph, select the paragraph, and then click on the appropriate button from the right toolbar.

See Detailed View for more details.

Once added, you can edit this function in Normal (WYSIWYG) mode just like in a text editor.


Edit Products / Paragraphs Button:

 This is a great function if many of your products have similar features. For example if you sell cars, similar features could be make, model, color, and year and body style.

 A number of feature Templates for different occasions are already provided. Then click on the feature in the window below, click on the  edit button and enter your information.

 Of course you can also create your own feature templates or change the existing ones. Simply edit an existing list to suit your needs, and then click on the  button to save it by giving it a name. Now you can use this list for all paragraphs.

 Once added, you can double click on this feature to launch the wizard again or click on it to select it, and then click on the button.

More images

Edit Products / Paragraphs Button:

 This function allows you to add more pictures to your product.

When visitors click on the image it opens a pop-up window with the additional images.

On the product more details pages thumbnails of the different images are displayed. 

Each image can have a description and name.