Add a new tax

To create a new tax, click on Properties, select tax and then click on . A wizard page opens – just enter the information required:

Name of Tax: This tax name will be shown to your customers.

Tax rate: This is the tax rate you will charge in percentage. ShopFactory uses this rate to automatically calculate the taxes.

Tax applied to: This defines to which products this tax will be automatically applied. You can also only create the tax and later manually assign it to each product. 

'Apply tax to shipping': This is only available, if - on the first page of the Tax Wizard - you have NOT selected 'Tax on product applies to shipping'.
If you tick this option, the tax you are creating will only be applied to shipping costs.

Where does the tax apply?: This defines the region in which the tax will be charged - normally your country and may be the state you live in. In the US you can also define county taxes.

If none of the regions listed applies in your case, click on 'Other Region', so you can define to which regions this tax will apply.