Editing Pages

To edit an existing page, click on it once in the left tree window to display it in the editing window.

Once selected, it looks like this:

To edit description text simply click on the text to place your cursor and start writing.

Some text such as titles can only be adjusted on their appropriate wizards.

Click on the small edit icon in the edit toolbar to edit them.

You can also click on the Edit Page button above the editing window to call up the page wizard to add more functions and information to the page.

If you can't see a page you have added, you may have closed a tree branch by clicking on  in the tree. Click on  to open it again. Or use the Find function in the main toolbar.

The link button at the bottom of the editing page  allows you to link text and images to other pages, paragraphs and websites. Select some text with your mouse, and the button becomes active. Click on it and make your choice.