Languages, LanguageLink

If you have ShopFactory Gold, then you can create Websites in multiple languages.

The Language drop down menu and the language toolbar are used for this. It is only visible, if you have added at least one translation language.

If you can not see the language tool-bar when more than one language is enabled, click on the View menu and select Toolbars. Then turn the Language toolbar on.

Change Language

Language drop down menu:

This function allows you to create a website in a different Language.

To create and maintain a website in multiple languages, you need ShopFactory Gold. See also Translation languages.

Allow navigation of your site in multiple languages

Language drop down menu:

This function allows you to set up a number of languages in which your customers can navigate your website. While it does not translate the content you add, it translates all words which ShopFactory automatically adds to your website.

This function requires ShopFactory Gold.

Translation languages

Language drop down menu:

This function allows you to translate the content of your website into another language.

Select additional languages, in which you want to display the content of your website. Once you have done this, the translation toolbar will be activated above the editing window.

It has four buttons:

Translate Content

Translation toolbar:

To translate the content you have added to your website, such as introductions, descriptions and so on, select a page, then click on this button.

The page will switch to translation mode, allow you to enter the translations.

  1. Select a page from the index tree
  2. Click on the ‘Translate 'content’ button on the toolbar
  3. Click on the “Translate” button next to the item you want to translate
  4. The translation window comes up, allowing you to enter translations. To switch images, click on the edit buttons.
  5. To get ‘Back’ to the main translation page, click on the Back button in the upper right corner. To go to the next paragraph, page or product to translate, click on the Next button.

Visible: Next to each page, paragraph you will find a “Visible” Check-box. This allows you to display different information in different languages, based on how much you want to translate.

Translate Website

Translation toolbar:

Here you can translate website content which is website wide, such as the name of the website, the company logo or shipping methods offered.

Translate Navigation

Translation toolbar:

This function allows you to change the words and phrases which your 3D3 application automatically adds to your website. Changes will apply to all websites you generate in a language.

In some versions of your 3D3 application this function can be found in the Settings menu.

Copy Base language value

Translation toolbar:

This button can be on or off.  A border around it indicates it is ON.

If this button is set to on, all items which have not been translated into another language, will display the default language.

So if you are translating an English website into French, and you have not translated some paragraphs, then these paragraphs will display the English text.

Export, import a language for translations

In the language menu you will find a function for exporting and importing your language files. This allows you to pass them on to translators who can then translate and return them for you.

ShopFactory keeps track of changes, so you only have to export what has changed since the last export.

The XLIFF format is the most reliable format.