Publish your Website on the Net

Publish button / Publish your website on the Net:

To publish your website on the Internet, you must have space available on the Internet to which you can publish your website.

ShopFactory generated websites will run on any Internet Server – this is how you call the computers on which you must rent space.

If you have no space, no problem – as part of ShopFactory cloud (Total Care) we offer free hosting.

I have space on the Internet

Your 3D3 application websites and websites run on any Internet space. Your new website will run there. Simply select the option ‘Publish your Website on the Net’, then click on Publish. You must enter your user name and password for the Internet.

Some Free Hosting providers automatically insert advertising onto your Website. In this case the functionality of your website can’t be guaranteed, as it may be affected by the code inserted.

I don’t have space on the Internet

No problem. Simply select the Setup Hosting Options in your 3D3 application to sign up for space, and you will be able to publish your website within minutes.  

Publishing Setup

Just select the option you require, fill in the details required and then click on the NEXT button. If you sign up for hosting via your 3D3 application, these details will be filled in automatically.


Select this option to publish to your Internet account. You must enter your account details so your website can be published properly.

Remote Host:

The name of your server or website, such as Do NOT use http:// at the beginning.

User Name:

The name you use to log on to your server. Unless you have changed it, it is the one your service provider has given you.


The password to gain access your server.

Base Directory:

This is the destination directory on your server or web site, to which you want to publish the website.

Since you are publishing via the so called FTP protocol, your Internet address will not help you here. Instead you need to know the correct FTP directory path leading to your Internet directory on your server or website.

You service provider will be able to help you with this FTP path, if you are unsure.
You can also look for it with the help of the Browse button next to the Base Directory field.
You must upload into a directory, which can be visited with HTML browsers - normally the one containing a file called index.html.


 Change this option if you are having problems connecting to your server.

My Computer:

To publish to a folder on your computer simply click on the Browse button and select an appropriate folder.


To publish to a CD, select the Option 'Prepare for CD' when publishing on your Computer. You can then burn the contents of the Folder to a CD with a CD burning program. The Website will then automatically open when the CD is inserted in a computer (unless the computer owner has disabled this function).
You must make sure that the Autostart.inf file can be seen when you open the CD on the top level. If you open the CD and you only see a folder, you did not copy the CONTENTS of the folder to which you published, but the actual folder. This will not work.


On most hosting computers the first file which is called when a visitor comes to a website is called index.html.

If this is different on your server, or if you do not want this website to start up immediately, you can use this option to change the name of the file which launches the website