Preset image sizes

The website themes and page styles you select define the image sizes you can work with. This is all done automatically – so you never need to change these settings.

However you can, if you want to.

There are four types of image sizes: Recommended or Maximum, Custom and Fixed.


Fixed image size

Design images are usually “Fixed” – if you replace them you must replace them with an image of the same size. The application makes this easy by providing you with a cropping and automatic resizing function.

Note: If you select an image with a different Height and Width ratio recommended, or if you select an image smaller than the recommended size, a color area will be added to the image (in fixed mode only) to ensure the image ratio required by theme is maintained.

Recommended or Maximum image sizes

All page and paragraph images have a Recommended and Maximum image size defined.

The recommended size defines what the Designer of the theme believes to be the best image size for the best looks.

The maximum image size is the largest image size the Designer allows you to use, to prevent the page style from breaking or looking bad.

Basically the software will automatically ensure that the image you select will fit into the area the Designer has allowed for it.

Custom image size

When cropping an image you can override the recommended size of each image for a page style.

This allows you to set your own custom image size for a page – provided it is not larger than the maximum style permitted.

The custom size will be assigned to each image you add subsequently to the same page, until you change the size value again or switch to a different page.

You can also change the image ratio in custom size.